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    The Easiest Way to Grow Book


    For the first time, a book based on the ancient secrets of Ho’oponopono, is available for children ages 3 to 100!

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    The Easiest Way to Live


    The Easiest Way to Live is about finding your courage, following your passion, walking in faith & living everyday with gratitude

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    The Easiest Way - Special Edition


    What was easy just got easier with the Special Edition of the book that started it all, The Easiest Way. Now includes a special bonus!

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    "Thank God I..." Vol. 1


    Discover ordinary people's greatest life challenges & their gratitude (Includes Mabel’s chapter, Thank God I left my kids)

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    "Thank God I..." Vol. 2


    More stories of what seemed like devastating calamities are described as blessings (Includes Mabel’s chapter Thank God I left my kids)

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    "Thank God I..." V.1 & "Thank God I..." V.2


    Now get both “Thank God I…” Volumes 1 and 2 in one package and save!

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    Inspiration to Realization


    A book written by 40 women, offers a master plan for personal and professional breakthroughs!

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    The Easiest Way - Mini Book


    Put The Easiest Way in your purse or briefcase. Now you can have the inspiration you need anywhere you go!

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    My Reflections on Ho’oponopono

    $19.95 Only $15.95

    In addition to the variety of topics, such as relationships, money, death, diet, depression, peace and children, the book offers many core concepts of Ho’oponopono.

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See What Current Members are Raving About:

Just wanted to say again… These last few Q and A's for me have been such powerful teachings. The advice to Trust God and Clean on the replaying memories and Let go... I just kept cleaning when I could, even though the memories were playing fastball with me. Thank you dear memories, I love you, I embrace you. I was on the floor and God picked me up, dusted me off and said "You can do this" (not in those words or in that way).

The experience was of what it was like to just flow instead of judging, coping, managing, judging, judging, and judging. It is a breakthrough for me and I am so appreciative... so, so, so appreciative and grateful for this. It felt easy, too. I was so busy thinking about how to do everything I was kind of paralyzing Kala, my Unihipili. When it felt like too much, and I finally just cleaned and really let it go and gave it to God, Kala let go, and we had an experience of Peace and Happiness.

Thank you Mabel, for this invaluable Forum and these Q and A's and your Love. Thank you Forum.
Thank you Mary for the unending Love you give on a daily basis to all of us.
Thank you Moonbeam for the Dewdrops of Wisdom you share.
Thank you Morrnah.
Thank you, Thank-you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

- L.A, USA

I am part of your Ho'oponopono family and I am glad to tell you that it's great to be a member. Every time I have some doubts, problems or questions I find the answer. Sometimes from the monthly Q&A or from your weekly Tips and inspirations (even the old one's). It's amazing!
It's a great support and I am grateful for that!
I do not use forum. Why? I don't know. My mind is telling me (thank you for that opportunity to let go now) that I should not share my problems with others, that I should keep it to myself, that it may be stupid, I might feel shame... I don't know - but I don't feel good to write it openly for everybody to see.
It's great to be member and although I have some problems sometimes with money and payments, I will for sure be part of the Ho'oponopono membership. It's beautiful to have the opportunity to "shower myself" with so much love, understanding, patience, peace, gentleness...
I have been cleaning for 2 years, I have been in 2 seminars in Zagreb, I read your books and I am grateful for all your help.
Sometimes is so easy to let go and sometimes is so hard.
Thank you for your kindness and patience and all your support!
Thank you for showing me The Way!
God bless you!

- Lea, Croatia

Just wanted to write about the Ho'oponopono way resources.
I would be lost in my practice without them! I downloaded all the Q&As, tips and inspirations on my iPhone and listen to them every day. I listen to them while driving, cooking, just sitting at home or sometimes even when I'm sleeping. I visit the forum often and write messages to clean, or I read other people's/Mabel's messages. I don't use the cards so much, because for some reason they don't open on my iPhone or iPad. I downloaded the 30 days series and am reminded to listen to it, because I didn't finish it! I'm always looking for new resources.
In short, the website and resources are HUGELY helpful for keeping me on track. Reminding me and inspiring me. I think it is amazing to have a group of people together doing the same thing.

- Paulina, USA

Hello everybody,

A while ago I published a post on the forum asking: How to communicate with the Unihipili of an autistic child?
Suddenly, for no apparent reason, my son started telling me: "Sorry Mom" or "Mom, forgive me" and even cuter "I love you Mom"… looking into my eyes.

Thank you all for cleaning.

Peace of I.

- Ana, Argentina

I am a new member and I have just started to use the site. I participated last year in Romania in your courses and from that moment I applied Ho'oponopono method on a daily basis. I am using a few tools to help me and my family to solve our problems.

I have to recognize that I do not like complicated things and for me Ho'oponopono seems to be something that is matching perfect with my way of been . I observed a lot of good changes with my family, without telling them anything about this technique, because they are not so open. Regarding myself, I started to feel less fear, less guilty....

You know, from the first moment when I became a member, I feel that ''someone'' is supporting me, is helping me from the distance even if I am not present on the site - it was a feeling that gave me a lot of peace and safety. I do not feel that I am alone anymore trying to solve my problems and I am so grateful for this. In fact I know that I am not alone and God is protecting me all the time, but I like to communicate with other people around, and I have a different feeling also, when I interact with other members with whom I may talk and from whom I may receive support.

From all these things and many more, I would like to thank you and to say that I consider myself very lucky, because I met you and I am able to communicate with you through this tool.

I will start to use more often all the tools that I find on the site and I will use the library also. If I have questions I will come back to you.

Thanks a lot for everything and for the support that I feel every day, even if we do not talk directly .

Have a beautiful evening!

~ Mirela, Romania

I have used many of the options available to me. I download and listen everyday on my way to and from work to all the available downloads and love them. I have sent in questions but I find that they are usually answered by you through the forum or by other's questions on the Q&A. What a wonderful gift you give each and every one of us.

Congratulations on your award, you deserved that and so much more for the work you do. I love you and all those who have joined in on the calls and also your staff have help me on a few occasions.

So, thanks again and even though I am working during the Q&A I will always download and listen at a later time.

Blessings to you and yours.

~ Francine, Canada

Hello my friends!
I want to tell you something very important that happened to me during my first week in the Ho’oponopono forum. From the 2nd or 3rd day of being part of this Sacred Space, where we all share, I discovered myself being happy without reason. I don’t know how to explain it. I didn’t decide to BE happy as I always do. I just felt happiness and I experienced such a wonderful sensation that compares to nothing. Of course it lasted until I took notice of it and when I became aware of it, the sensation went down. It was like instants where my heart sang, and it showed me something that for many years I hadn’t felt or even remembered that I could feel so good.
These are the most magical seconds I can remember and for nothing out of ordinary I haven’t experienced before. It was like the smile of my son, the smile in itself, or sharing with my son since he was born. I have never felt this way in all these 20 months. I remember many moments during this first week, the feeling I really don’t know how to describe: love, peace, happiness, security.I felt this all at the same time. I felt my life was great, with joy and I didn’t have any problems. I didn’t have any fears and that nothing bad could happen to me, while butterflies were fluttering in my heart, all in a flash. I said thank you so much to this new feeling, as soon I became aware of it. I knew that making the decision of being happy didn’t complete me, as being happy. I didn’t remember how that was, and I didn’t know if I would feel so good again, even if it were for just an instant.
I spent the last 15 years of my life trying to laugh and having to make the decision to laugh. Although since I have been practicing Ho’oponopono, my life has changed dramatically. Yet I haven’t experienced all this I’m sharing with you. Although it may sound a bit crazy, in that instant I felt like a better person, and I didn’t have to force myself but I felt genuine.
I attest to Mabel’s words, when she says, “that when we love as God loves, our heart sings in a sensational way". If God allows me, I choose to have moments like this. I’m willing to let go and trust as much as I can, in order to feel that love, many times during the day!!I want to thank all of you; because it’s no coincidence I have experienced this being in this space. If like me, you are not used to be genuinely
happy, I wish you could experience what I have experienced, if you know what I’m talking about. It is even better, because we are all one. Thank you; thank you, thank you, I’m eternally grateful!
The Peace of I.

~ Ely, Argentina

Dear Mabel,
I was very moved by your Q and A call last night. The level of depth and truth in it fed me on a very deep level. Thank you so much for doing this amazing work and sharing it so well.
I am new to the membership – it has only been a few days. I am catching up on all the information in every spare moment I can squeeze out of my day. I feel like I have discovered a gold mine. Someday, when I am braver, I will communicate and interact with the members. For now I am gathering information and learning to live in this sacred way.
Last night, thanks to your sharing, I had an epiphany and I feel like reality has shifted and everything looks different and wonderful to me. I was having a tense time with my sweetie, and I could not get myself out of anger and judgment. I remembered to say "thank you" but my spirit rebelled against feeling gratitude. I just felt angry. Usually this is the point where I give up and let myself stew. But this time, I remembered you said that I didn't have to feel it and that just saying it in my head was giving permission for it to be deleted from me.
And it absolutely worked! In a very short time, I just did not feel angry. I felt gratitude, love, and peace! And since that moment I have been remembering to return to saying "thank you" to everything and every situation and I feel like I am floating just above the reality that I had thought was true.
I believe that everything has consciousness because everything is God--everything. So this reminder to be grateful is not new to me. But it all came together for me last night. All I had to do was make the choice to say "thank you". I didn't have to force a feeling or be somewhere I wasn't. What an amazing and life-changing truth you helped me to see!
Thank you with all my heart for opening up your life to include mine!
With deep gratitude,

~ Beth - USA

Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!
Thank you for helping me clean !!!
I want to tell you about the story I had mentioned before, about moving out of my apartment... I have to say: "Yes, you were right!" I had to let go and I did! At the beginning, I felt there was no tragedy about it. That if I would leave, there will be no drama at all. My concern: It was my third time moving. In the two previous moves, I decided to leave, but I told myself: “What’s inside me that is making this happen?" and I cleaned and cleaned my memories... I also had to let go. I said: “Whatever, meanwhile I will clean”. Two days later I sent a text message to my mom. I told her that I was looking for a new apartment, that I had to leave, but there was no drama about it. She text me back: “Your dad wants to help you so you can start making payments for your own place. You can come back home and stay here for two years"…Wow!... I never thought this was going to be the moment. Ho’oponopono helped this happen. Today begins a new chapter. The best is opening for me and everything is falling into place.
Light switch, light switch, light switch,
Thank you, I love you, I love you, thank you, I love you.

~ Flor - Argentina

Woow… What a living experience and learning from this beautiful and sacred community. Purely divine, spiritual and inspirational. I have no words to describe what I’m seeing. I have been repeating, feeling and cleaning with each of the words not only for me but others members as well. Now I’m aware why they constantly repeat “thank you for being in my life” or thank you for the opportunity to clean” I realized that every time I clean with others I clean myself. What a coincidence that I also have fears? But I keep learning, please be patient with me … Thank you very much, I love you all!!

~ Miguel Adalberto Gutierrez Vidal CUERPO AZUL - Mexico

Dear All,

I am re listening to the Q&A Mabel did in November 2013 on losing weight and the relationship with the inner child. I remember I made a question in this call and I also remember that I asked my inner child to help me to lose weight. I have been cleaning with my inner child in this issue and I have started a new kind of habits thanks to her. I have lost 9 kilos since then and I'm very, very happy, because I just realized that everything started after this Q&A session. Thank you my inner child, thank you Mabel, thank you God.

I love you, please forgive me, I love you, thank you.

~ Vania, France

Thank you very much, Mabel. Every day is a pleasure to hear, read and meditate with your thoughts. Thank you, I love you, I'm sorry. I feel like a baby beginning to eat solid food. Thank you.

~ Carolina, Mexico


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