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  • The Easiest Way to Live

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    Right now you are a slave. You might think you are free, but you are a slave to your memories and programming, because they tell you what is good and what is bad, what is correct and what is incorrect. The intellect puts labels on everything, but there is no right or wrong. The mind thinks it knows, but it knows nothing.

    We have become so entrenched in the belief that the intellect's purpose is storing and understanding information, that we base our sense of identity on this idea. Our intellect thus tries to become something that it is not and is always pushing us to be something that we are not meant to be.

    Isn't it time to set yourself free?

    From the Desk of: Mabel Katz

    Dear Friends:

    Mabel KatzSlowly, what others think of us becomes incredibly important, and we start looking for approval outside. We become masters at comparing ourselves to others and seek perfection according to external parameters beyond our control. Once we learn these lessons, we feel miserable most of the time.

    Thoughts are extremely powerful, and unfortunately, most of the time they are tainted by our beliefs, emotions, and attachments. We do not think on a blank slate, free from preconceptions, biases, fears, and judgments. Everything we think of is based on our memories, our programming.

    Learn how letting go can give you more of what you want

    We are the ones complicating our existence. We are the ones thinking we know what is good for us and we make lists. Who are we making those lists for? We actually make lists for the Creator, who knows us better than anyone else and knows what we need and when we need it. We are very arrogant, indeed.

    We think we know when things should happen and how they should happen. Then, we become angry and close our hearts when reality doesn't match our expectations, and as we do this, we become completely unable to see the wonder of life and feel thankful for having the opportunity to be in it.

    As we forgot who we are and the power we have, we allowed our memories to make decisions for us, control us and have us believing that we know better! We lost sight of our pure and direct source, and therefore lost our true identity.

    Just as the Law of Attraction and Ho'oponopono teach us, we are responsible for our thoughts and our thoughts direct our destiny. We must learn to relinquish these thoughts controlled by our memories, which show up as, judgments, opinions, expectations, and beliefs; so we can become one with the goodness of God's universe.

    Here you discover that most of the challenges you face are caused by past patterns and memories that keep replaying in your subconscious and block you from reaching your true potential.

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    You can do it. It's easier than you think

    You will find that no problems exist outside of you, and since they are inside of you, you have the ability to take 100% responsibility for them and erase them. The book teaches you how to understand the cause of your problems, and shows you how to stop creating them. The best part is, it's easy!

    With an inspirational approach my book gives you the tools you need to change your life and have lasting results. This approach will get to your core, your soul. Many have said it has changed their lives forever.

    It is difficult because we don't know who we really are. We believe it depends on having certain possessions, certain people in our lives, or certain status to be worthy. We become so accustomed to this belief that we decided to believe it is real.

    Unfortunately, we see life, events, and people through our memories and "think" we know. We spend an inordinate amount of time suffering because of the way we interpret reality. We often prefer to feel self-righteous than to be happy and at peace.

    We are addicted to thinking. We truly fear that we cannot function properly unless we "think things out," when in reality, things can flow and work much better if we simply let go and trust God's universe. We always think that we know best. We do not realize that there is another way, an easier way.

    Find the happiness, freedom and peace that you know you deserve

    The Ho'oponopono tools I share in this book will help you to tune into the natural frequency of your heart. Once you tune in; you discover who you really are, you find your talents, natural gifts, and perfect rhythm.

    The Easiest Way to Live is about finding your courage, following your passion, letting go of what is not you, learning to trust in yourself, walking in faith and living everyday with gratitude.

    I have been traveling the world teaching the art of Ho'oponopono. For twelve years I studied intensively with the master Ihaleakalá Hew Len, Ph.D. It has been an incredible journey of inspiration and spiritual growth. I am proud to say, I am now considered a foremost authority on the art of Ho'oponopono.

    My first platform was my book The Easiest Way. I quickly moved to hosting my own radio and television programs. Currently I am enjoying success as a keynote speaker and seminar leader in great demand throughout the world.

    The Easiest Way has transcended many languages. This book has been translated and published into English, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, Swedish, German, French, Russian, Chinese, Hebrew, Hungarian and Romanian.

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    Here are some reviews:

    Let me share a SNEAK-PEEK partial preview of the profound preface of The Easiest Way to Live, written by the master of the art of Ho'oponopono, Ihaleakalá Hew Len, Ph.D.

    In THE EASIEST WAY TO LIVE, Mabel (Kikiko'ele) shares insights on "the easiest way to live." I got the following from her book:

    • I am GOD-MADE, created by Divine Love in its exact likeness, "pure in heart;"
    • My ONLY PURPOSE in life is to be myself, "pure in heart;"
    • My ONLY TASK in life is to release memories – errors – replaying problems in my subconscious from my past that block me from being myself, "pure in heart;"
    • By applying the ancient HO'OPONOPONO problem solving process I can petition Divinity to restore me to my original state of "purity of heart" by releasing my memories to zero;
    • I am 100% RESPONSIBLE for creating the memories stored in my subconscious mind that I re-experience as problems;
    • I have CHOICE moment to moment to restore my original state of "purity of heart" by applying the ancient Ho'oponopono problem solving process ceaselessly, moment to moment, and
    • No problems exist outside of me. My problems exist only in me as MEMORIES REPLAYING in my subconscious mind.

    Our only purpose for existence is to restore our original state of "purity of heart" by freeing ourselves from memories replaying problems from the past in our subconscious mind.

    "Love your enemies," a great sage said more then two thousand years ago. Our enemies are our memories replaying fear, anger, resentment, hate, attachments and judgment from the past. We can take 100% responsibility for them by applying easy to use ancient Ho'oponopono problem solving processes such as "I love you" and "Thank you."

    I highly recommend THE EASIEST WAY TO LIVE by Mabel Katz

    ~ Dr. Ihaleakalá Hew Len

    Joe Vitale was so kind to review and endorse The Easiest Way to Live; this endorsement can be found on the cover of the book:

    "This amazing book is wise, loving, heavenly and healing. A spiritual masterpiece."

    ~ Dr. Joe Vitale,
    author of Zero Limits and The Key

    As Joe Vitale says, "Ho'oponopono is beyond The Secret."

    I wish you peace beyond understanding.

    Mabel Katz

    PS: "Life is an inside job and it is much easier if we let it go and get out of our own way"!

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    This is What People are Saying...

    I just saw you last night with Matthew David Hurtado. I've been meaning to read your books. Now I am. It's funny i can hear you talk with your distinct accent. Can't wait to read more!!!! In gratitude.

    ~ Kathie, USA

    I'm experiencing the joy of reading this powerful, beautifully written book and I'm only on gthe third chapter. I need to put the book down for awhile so I don't float out the room.

    The book lives up to its title about how to live the easy way. So far, This is one of the nicest spirituyal boks I've read. Mabel's book is bringing Ho'oponopono into focus for me which is the reason I purchased it. I've read similar philosophies in various religions and other practices and from this book I now understand what I've been suspecting but couldn't put into words about the influence of my ancestors, I'm responsible but not guilty, and the main job is to let go and clean up our own acts. Thanks, Mabel.

    ~ Randy Place Greenwich, CT, USA

    Dear Mabel, Thank you so much for your wonderful books; The Easiest Way and The Easiest Way to Live. Your books have been such a blessing and inspiration to me. It felt that I read the words of the core truth and love. I feel my life have changed a lot since I started practicing Ho`oponopono a few months ago. About five years ago I heard about Ho`oponopono and it sounded quite mystical and interesting to me but I forgot it right away. I have always been very interested about spirituality but back then Ho`oponopono sounded too simple to me. I needed something outside of me, complex theories about Infinity and the Universe. It was the time when I was victimizing myself a lot and I was not able to take responsibility of my life. This Spring I was ready to find Ho`oponopono again. I was finally ready to receive this wonderful practice, to take responsibility for my life and stop being a victim. The truth is simple and I feel Ho`oponopono goes straight to the Source. Thank you so much for your wonderful teachings and I would love to participate to your seminar in the near future. Thank You, I love You Mabel

    ~ A.N., Finland

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Mabel for allowing your Self to be a vehicle for bringing bring these two beautiful and inspiring new books to the world - The Easiest Way to Live and The Easiest Way to Grow.

    For me, one word describes both books - Perfect! Pure inspiration, not an extra word nor an unnecessary word.

    Although, I recommend reading both of these books over and over and taking notes as inspired, I also love to just open them at random and see what jumps off the page at me. Whether I am feeling good or not so good, it's always perfect, just what I needed. And I am uplifted.

    These are definitely books I will keep close at hand wherever I am and wherever I go. I highly recommend The Easiest Way to Live..

    Thank you Mabel for these two very special gifts to us and the world.

    Peace and Love,

    ~ Jimmy Piver, USA

    First: Every single word in "The Easiest Way to Live" is true!

    Second: I had all the problems described!

    It was already Mabel Katz's first book "The Easiest Way" that changed my life completely. It finally gave me the gift I was searching for to change my disastrous life in a better one. In a little while I could see how doors opened – sometimes even more than one in only one day!

    Now, I'm always at the right time in the right place. I feel the peace that Mabel is describing. Everyone can feel it! Her new book The Easiest Way to Live confirms how crucial it is to let go and give Divinity permission to erase those memories that block us.

    Mabel Katz presents the perfect solution for every one in every situation. You can feel her goodness, her passion, her love and her own infinite peace. You can also feel her desire to share it with all of us. This is so because she goes the same way that we have to go.

    ~ Irene, Germany

    Every chapter is a spotlight. Mabel has taken the essence of Ho' oponopono and explains in plain and simple words how to find an easier way to live. She takes you by the hand and shows you the way to live at peace no matter what's going on in your life. I am sure this book will help thousands of people to better cope with their lives issues.

    Applying Ho' ponopono to my life has been a blessing. Taking 100% responsibility for the memories in my subconscious mind, that I experience as problems, has set me free!

    Thank you Mabel for The Easiest Way to Live! Thank you for your love and commitment to helping people all over the world. I love you!

    I recommend this book without hesitation.

    ~ Mara, Sao Paulo, Brazil

    Mabel Katz is a long-time student of Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len and a force of nature in her own right. Through her new book The Easiest Way to Live, she has given us a lovely, meditative collection of Ho'oponopono wisdom. From chapters on "Memories," "Erasing," and "Addictions," to "Money," "Love", and "The Best Time to Talk to People," she shares the philosophy of this ancient problem-solving method in everyday language.

    Throughout the book there are gems that make you stop in your tracks, such as:

    "Many times an emotion is born from either trying to get something that you don't have, holding to something that you had and no longer have, or avoiding something you do not want."

    Again and again she shows us that attachment to outcomes and expectations is a certain path to suffering, and letting go is a path to freedom.

    She encourages us to recognize our own unique talents and loves, rather than listen to other people's versions of us. Our Creator (or whatever terminology we might use) knows the real us better than anyone -- and can inspire us if we're willing to let go of our opinions, judgments, and knee-jerk reactions. For Mabel, each so-called "problem" showing up is yet another opportunity to release more "stuff" that holds us back.

    style="text-align: justify !important;"I love this book, which comes at the perfect time to remind me of who I really am. As I read, I can feel the cleaning in my heart. Thank you, Mabel!

    Peace of I,

    ~ Pam Pappas MD, Scottsdale, AZ

    The Easiest Way to Live, reminds of living in Hawaii, where you savor each moment, whether you are eating great tasting Local/Hawaiian food. Whether you are listening to Hawaiian music, as it vibrates through your heart and soul. Whether you are in the beautiful crystal clear blue water, surfing, fishing or swimming. Each page or paragraph in the book, draws you to read, as you clean/clear and savor. Savor as inspiration flows through you, and wisdom that comes deep, from who, we each are truly are.

    As I read each paragraph, enjoying each paragraph, I am reminded , of singing in a Hawaiian Church (Kamaka Pili) and with my friends, a song called Kanaka Waiwai. If you savor the song (Kanaka Waiwai), it means more than what your intellect, would say is, just a rich man asking Jesus, how do you find, that deep internal peace? Savoring the song, helps you let Go and let God, as you release attachments, that stand in the way between you, and the Peace beyond all understanding. That is the wisdom, that comes to me, as I read and savor each page/paragraph in this book, as I clean and let go, and it naturally opens my curiosity, to what may come next..

    I recommend this book, to anyone, who would like to find that Peace and Easier Way, Mahalo.

    ~ Daniel, Corpus Christi, Texas

    GloriaAloha everyone!

    I received my copy of Mabel's "Easiest Way to Live & Easiest Way to Grow" books this week!
    The day it came, I was inspired to read a little of TEWTL before bed and place it under my pillow as I slept.
    I didn't sleep much that night, but when I got up the next morning I felt more rested than I have been in a very long time!
    Also, I have been receiving inner "knowings" about certain situations that the time is perfect to act.
    I had no expectations when I put the book under my pillow.
    The energies from the book are good for me right now. My inner child is so very happy too. May she's reading it? I don't know. I don't need to know.
    Thank you, Thank you

    Peace of I

    ~ Gloria, USA

    Dear Mabel: your 3 chapters went right to my heart first and then to my mind. I am very interested in the subject and have read everything that came to my hands about this ho'oponopono technique. What really amazes me, is how love can cure everything, at least in my life it has made miracles. Thank you for sharing, thank you for the love you put in your writings, and thank you for explaining Ho'oponopono in such a simple way.

    ~ Carmen from Rancagua, Chile

    The Easiest Way To Live

    Mabel's newest book is her best. It is the cleanest, most concise (and dare I say 'easiest') presentation of the who, what, why of Ho'Oponopono I have read. From the opening contribution by Dr. Hew Len where he outlines what he took away from the book, I felt I was given a blueprint for greater understanding. The chapters seem simple yet Mabel does not shy away from the tough questions like forgiveness and being raped. And true to her teachings, the answer is always the same. Clean the past memory and your only memory will be love. Thank you, Mabel.

    ~ Andrea Goeglein, PhD, Dr. Success™, USA

    Dear Mabel!
    I just love your new book : "The Easiest Way to Live"
    I have been reading it this past week and will keep reading it again and again.
    It is a very inspiring book!!
    I feel like you are here beside me when I read it and there is so much wisdom in this book!!!!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you Mabel for being you and for reminding me to be me.
    I love you so much
    Thank you
    ~ Daphna, Israel

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